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From Derek and Lisa:

Just to let you know, Nigel and Olivia have settled in very well.  They are already very sociable and affectionate with us and love to play (especially "killing the feather on the stick").  They are eating normally. They use the litter boxes -- at first we were not even sure which box because they bury everything so well! 

And a few weeks later: Here are some new pictures of Nigel and Olivia (on their catster web pages)  -- I thought you might like to see how they are doing.


From Jenny :

Just thought I'd send you an email to let you know how Nora is doing.  She and Frankie are still living "separate lives"---Nora has her space in my laundry room with lots of toys and several choices of kitty beds.  She is more than ready to have free range of the house, but I keep telling her that Frankie is not yet ready to share.  Right now she is here in my bedroom with me and trying to walk across the keyboard.  I assume that means she wants to send you greetings.  Frankie was hardly speaking to me Friday morning...I smelled like a strange cat.    However, after I told him repeatedly what a good kitty boy he was, by evening he had forgiven me and was back in my lap. He seems to be getting used to her smell.  I brought her downstairs yesterday to explore while Frankie was asleep upstairs.  I think she misses all the other cats at your house.  Hopefully it will not be too long before she and Frankie can keep one another company.


and another one:

As we all expected, the FeLV/FIV test for Nora was fine as was the stool sample I gave the vet.  I figured I might as well have a sample of Frankie's tested at the same time.    The vet said his was ok as well except his sample included some "green garland."  Darned if I can figure out where he found that to eat!!  Best I can tell, it might be a piece of raffia from the tassel of his favorite "fishing pole" toy.    My vet is partial to oriental breed cats--she had 5 Siamese cats of her own at one time.  I've noticed that whenever Frankie goes to see her, she makes a bigger fuss over him and always gives him a fur mouse toy.  My other 2 cats never got that special attention.  Nora, however, also got a fur mouse from the vet yesterday.  I guess she's on her way to making a good impression as well.  Right now I've given her free run of the upstairs of my house.  Frankie has the downstairs and they can hear, smell and see one another from a distance.  Nora has lots of open space up here and has been dashing around as cats will sometimes do.  Your house must be very noisy when all of your babies decide to take a romp. 


right before New Year:

I thought you might like to see a few recent pictures of Nora in her new home.  She and Frankie are getting along very well.  You'll see a couple of the pictures are of them together already.  I've seen a lot of "kitty play" going on and a few nose touches between them.  I think Frankie has decided he likes her---he lets her sit on the top perch of the kitty tower which is something he never let my other cats do (it was always "his").  Nora enjoys watching the birds at the bird feeder and playing "mouse soccer" on the steps with a toy mouse.  Nora was a big hit with my family at Christmas; everyone was petting her and she   was loving it.  Hope you and all your family--four-legged and otherwise--enjoy a happy new year.


From Nina :

Hi Elena,

The little guy saw the vet today. He did just fine!  Dont worry, he DID NOT get his second set of shots. I havent made the appointment yet but I'll be going back for it around March 8th.

The little stinker had his first semi bath today....had to!  I was scooping out his litter box into the toilet and, in a split second, the little bugger jumped right into the darn toilet! Stinker was soaked in "poop soup" up to his middle! I cleaned him up and dried him off real fast. Never a dull moment with a kitten around! A lesson learned though......CLOSE THE DOOR when I'm scooping!  ha ha

Sweetest little silly son of a gun in the world! And such a good boy! Except for the toilet incident, which, trust me, WONT happen again!  My goodness!



About the little man..............I'm completely in love with the little guy. We are best buddies and inseparable. God I love this kitten! And I'm SOOOOO glad I found the Tonkinese breed and little Pilot!


Thought you might want to see a picture or two of my spoiled kitten! I've attached one or two.



...He's still and will continue to be my number one guy! Love the sweetie! He believes his permanent place of residence is either my lap or my shoulder. I'm for sure NOT complaining. I just refer to him as my other appendage! God love him! He is also very spoiled and has just about every toy, post, tent etc I find!



Little Pilot is getting so big! AND he is wonderful, God love him! I'm in such amazment at how affectionate, loving, and attached he is. I have never experienced anything like it in a cat. Not that I have had many cats, but I've been around many and this is the most loving I have EVER encountered. What they say about the breed is SO true! And I have a feeling that he wont grow out of it. The little darling just INSISTS on being on my lap, in my arms, or on my shoulder ALL the time! He looks me straight in the eyes and I see adoration!.....soooooo great! There is almost nothing better than coming in the door and having him come running to greet me like my arrival is the highlight of his day! I call him my number one guy! (shhhhhhhh, dont tell my boyfriend!  he he) Anyway, enough going on about how wonderful he is, I'm sure you know all about it.

I've had less episodes of urination outside the box. He has free roam of the place now (with the exception of my bedroom, dont want to take that chance yet) and has been pretty good. I've read some things on the internet about how some cats just like the feel of soft and wrinkly under them. I've watched him really closely and I'm thinking this is his issue. Its amazing how he'll be doing his thing here and there and find something soft under him, touching him, and he just "assumes the position"! Thank God it hasnt happened much and I've watched so closely that I've caught him just in time a few times. I've been spraying "Feliway" around and am picking up a diffuser at the vet tomorrow. The stuff if hugely expensive BUT if it will work I'll continue to do it.

Once again I'll just say that I'm so thrilled to have found the Tonkinese and my little Pilot man! He has made such a difference in my life!


I'll keep you posted,



From Hunter and Jenny:

Hi Elena,

Our new kittens have settled in well to their new home.  They have chosen a place to sleep, which is on a cushion on one of our dining room chairs.  They spend their time playing with the toys we gave them, scratching their scratching post, eating and sleeping.  They also like playing in our bathtub when it is empty. 


Hi Elena,

We are all doing well here.  The kittens have both grown a lot and have settled into their new home.  We have named the boy "Koko" and the girl "Chili". 

They have both developed their own unique personalities.  Koko is very affectionate, purrs almost all the time and eats as much as he can but he is also a bit clumsy and gets scared more easily than Chili.  Chili is also very friendly although not quite as much as Koko and she doesn't purr or eat as much, but she is much more agile and acrobatic and is smarter about figuring out problems like how to get the toy mouse off the top of their scratching post. 

They like to play with their toys.  Chili especially likes crinkly mylar balls and toy mice, while Koko likes to chase their long cloth streamer.  They spend their time chasing each other around the apartment and play fighting and they both also like to relax and sleep on our laps.  Koko spends about 5-10 minutes each day licking clean my hands and arms and Chili likes to jump up and sit on my shoulders when I'm brushing my teeth and shaving in the morning before work. 

We think Koko may be a champagne mink and not a champagne point because his eyes have changed color from completely blue to more of an aqua color.  They are not as green as Chili's though so we're not completely sure.  

I will send you a link for pictures in a separate e-mail.  


From Liz and James:

Dear Elena:

We last spoke in this 5/14  email and by that Sun. Chanel came into the living room and let us pet and play with her. Quickly after that she stopped staying under the bed. They are both really happy and doing fabulous. Chanel talks to get her pets. Chanel uses the three scratching posts, but Bianca wants to use the living room furniture the most. Trying to dissuade her and any tips you have are appreciated. We do keep them in the bedroom at night with the door closed and they use the litter box in the master bathroom. I am not always good about getting online and so if you do not hear from me asap, know that I am thinking of you  and you are always welcome to phone.

Take Care and thanks for expanding our family to a beautiful one. We just love them to pieces



Dear Elena:

Thanks for your great advicewith the water bottle   which we did start and is working. Any tips on encouraging Bianca towards scratching on the posts could help. Just this AM Jim got her to get off a chair that she was starting on and walked right to the scratch post and rubbed his fingers at the very top and right away she strectched out tall and used it. We keep it scented at times with a little catnip spray. It is a tall one in the living room that Chanel uses regularly. She is perfect with it !

As I type to you Bianca is on my lap sleeping and sending love 


From Kate and Jay:

Hi Elena,

Thank you for letting us come to your home to see those precious little kittens! We couldn't stop talking about Rukus, what a doll.

... and I can't wait to hear about their progress.



Just wanted to let you know that Rukus is doing GREAT! he is so cute and loving. He loves to play around with Jay and then cuddle with me, it is perfect!

I will start getting some pictures together to send to you so you can see how big he is getting.

Jay went to the vet a week ago and he was  one pound 9 ounces, I think he is bigger now!

I will keep in touch


(P.S. Jay has been sending me videos and pictures of Rukus over cell phone - feels great to see them! - Elena)


From John and JP:

Hi Elena,

We're all here, safe and sound. I appreciate all of your time in walking me through getting up to speed with these little angels. They are already playing, but every now and then when one kitten loses sight of the other (the shy quiet one) he starts crying and I think it is a call for his mother.

I will tell you that already the playful kitten runs, jumps up my pant leg, and even on top of my shoulders without any prodding or help from me. Both JP and me were so surprised at how friendly he has been. I hope the shy one adjusts quickly.

They are both drinking well, in fact, they had a big drink each when they arrived. I haven't seen them eat yet or use the litter.

I'll send more details later. Let us know when would be convenient for you to visit all of us. Thanks again for the use of your carrying case and for getting me a few starter items for the angels.

~John & JP


From Margaret:

Hello All, and Happy Holidays!

She is so fabulous  - really affectionate and very smart girl! She loves company, and loves my mom and son!

I will have to have the pictures I took recently developed.

Margaret and Princess Jasmine


From Alexander and Victoria:


I think my initial panic has gone away. I have arranged for a nice living quarters for Ophelia - her carry covered with a soft towel to shade from the light, and found out that a quiet radio does the trick - she calmed down and actually got some sleep. I'm sure once she gets used to our apartment she will be comfortable outside her carry too (although she is not locked in now either, just confined to the bathroom like you recommended).

I have a question for you: we have a choice between using a local animal hospital, or having a vet visit us at home. Do you recommend one over the other?

As a reward for answering you get this:

password: kitten

Keep in touch!



Ophelia is adjusting handsomely. She is quite comfortable with us now, and the crying is down to those times when we are around and are not playing with her =)

The vet paid us a visit today, and only had good things to say.


and a couple months later:


We are excited to welcome you in our apartment. All three of us are doing very well, and spending plenty of time together. We are ready to give you back the carrier... Let's tentatively plan for next weekend, and work out the details at the end of this week.

See you soon!



From Nancy Scott and Matthew


Ling-Ling is doing very well.  She slept all the way home.  Once here she ventured out of her carrier after only a short time and explored and played.  She then drank some water, ate dinner, used her litter box and is now taking a nap.  Our other cat is not too happy but he will come around.  Right now we are watching them closely.

Have a nice vacation.

~Nancy Scott and Matthew


Hi Elena,


Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner but our computer was infected with a virus.  We would love for you to come our and see our precious Ling-Ling.  She has adjusted wonderfully and her and our other cat get along great now.  We will be home this Sunday or next Sunday if either of those dates work for you.  Let me know.




Hi Elena, 

Sorry we did not get back to you, however we were having computer problems.  I was infected with a virus and it took awhile to get someone over here to fix it.  We are home this coming Sunday April 29 or next Saturday May 5th, if either of these days works for you.  Let us know.  Ling Ling is doing very well.  It seems like she has always been a part of our family. Have a good night and we'll talk soon.



From Harold:

Hi Elena,

We had a great time visiting with you, your family and the kittens. Thank you so much for inviting us to come on New Years Day!!! We can hardly wait for our little girl to be ready to venture out into the world with us.

Many thanks for the visit and the wonderful picture!

Best regards,



Hi Elena,

Our baby stood up to the trip to our house (approx. 45 mi.) very well, When we got home and let her out of the carry cage. She has been very active and very curious all day. We sit on the floor with her and she gets some loving and personal attention and then she goes out to explore on her own. In less than a minute she comes back to make sure that one of us is there. Then, off again to explore more. She has used her new litter box, drank water and ate both wet and dry food. We think she has a lot to digest because it is an extremely radical change in environment for her.

All in all, we think she is doing well and will adapt quickly. We'll keep you posted as she integrates into our home's activities.

Have a great trip. We'll talk to you soon.

~Harold & Ron


Hi Elena,

Thanks for your email. I'm sorry that I haven't responded until now. Well, Thursday we went to the vet and were seen by a different vet that we normally see. He gave he a complete examination and also pronounced her to be in good health. He gave her the shot required and told us to bring her back in a month or so for her rabies shot.

She is doing extremely well and eats like a pig. She is very inquisitive and curious and has to see everything! She has already learned her name and comes when called. Every night she sleeps in the bed with us either under or on the blankets. Her eye infection is completely gone and the bump on her tummy at the surgery site has completely disappeared. Shaq, our dog, accepted her immediately but is was Penny who went to him first and is now laying down with him and goes over to him and rubs her body on his face.

Yesterday she learned about the downstairs and explored many things. Somehow I don't think she likes to be downstairs, but time will tell.

So much for now. We'll take to you soon and send some more pictures.

Have a great day,



Hi Elena,

Hi are you and all the family? I hope all is well. I loved your pictures of your spring flowers. They were very colorful.

Penny and I are looking forward to your visit. BTW she just got her last distemper shot and also her rabies shot.

See you on Friday.



From Rama:

When we got home and I let them out in the bathroom, the girl began growling at the boy again.  yet, the next morning, when I went in to see them, they had been sleeping together.  It was up and down for the first 48 hours. 

I kept them in the bathroom, as you suggested, for 24 hours, but then my little girl wanted out.  She literally burst out the crack in the door, running around the house and yowling - she was clearly looking for the other cats.  After about 20 minutes, she figured out they weren't there, and started to explore. 

They have taken over, as I am sure you fully understand.  I am using a water squirter to keep them off the dining table and kitchen counter, but otherwise they have the run of the place.  I set up a bird feeder outside a big window and they sit and watch the birds sometimes.  The boy leapt for one today, and the bird got startled and flew away. 

He continues to be very loving, while she is still skittish.  I am feeding her the wet food in my lap, and she is getting more comfortable with me.  2he comes to lay in my lap if I stay  in one place for a while, so I think it is just a matter of time. 

They got a clean bill of health at the vet, and I am going to schedule their neutering in the next couple of weeks. 

And they have names now - the boy is Premaka, which means lover-boy and the girl is Sundari, which means beautiful one. 

Thank you ,  

~Rama,  C.S.Y.T., R.Y.T.

Master Yoga Foundation


From Sandy:

Dear Elena,

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. We had a long ride home after picking up Sophie. She slept the entire way home. I went over to visit her today. She had spent the night in the bathroom, as you suggested. And then she had met Bailey, the 2 year old siamese, before I got there. She was curled up sleeping next to him. She seems to be adjusting well.  I'll keep you posted.



Hi Elena,

Just alittle note to tell you Sophie is doing great....she scampers around the house, is very playful and full of life. My son says she' s been to the vet as you told him to.. Sophie tags along after Bailey , their 2 year old male siamese cat, and she sleeps half on him on their bed at night. I hope you had a happy mother's day.



From Carrie and Robert:  

Elena -

Our kitten is adjusting nicely - she is very active at night time!  Bob has slept in the bathroom for the past two nights with her on a cold tile floor so she wouldn't feel lonely ( I did it in bold  - Elena) Chester (our older cat) saw her yesterday and they just sort of watched one another.    Chester seemed just curious - showed no aggression at all, which I found surprising for a first encounter.

So, thus far, things are going well. I will keep your abreast of the kitty politics as they develop!

Best regards,




Just wanted you to know that everything is going fine. We quarantined the kitten in the bathroom and brought her out to play multiple times during the day yesterday. By last evening, we were sitting with her on our lap and Chester was relaxing on the floor in front of us. By the time we went to bed, we had brought out a feather on a string and both Chester and the kitten were chasing it. As I type this, they are both taking turns racing up and down the hallway. zxxxxxxx4 That last comment was from the kitten who has just leapt onto my lap. I just made a vet appointment for Thursday evening.



So far, so good. Since we were around most of the day, we let the kitten have the run of the house and moved her litter box from the upstairs bathroom to the downstairs, by the front door.

Last night, instead of confining her to the bathroom, we carried Chester into our bedroom and closed the door, leaving the kitten with the run of the house with her carrier out in the hall with a light on. She slept with no complaints in the living room, as far as I can tell. Tonight or tomorrow, we'll leave the bedroom door open and encourage her to come sleep with us just as we do with Chester.

As you can probably tell, no name yet. I'm hoping in the next couple of days.



Thought you might like to see pictures of the new kitten. I'm pleased to say that the introduction of  a new kitten into the household has gone remarkably smoothly and the integration was completed in record time (1 week)! As you can see by the photo of the kitten with Chester, she is his new bud! I found him grooming her yesterday afternoon and last night the two of them slept curled up together. The photo with the blue was last week. The other two were taken yesterday.

Looks like a kitten is just what the doctor ordered!



From Bill:

Maxwell conitinues to delight us with hisantics & enthusiasm.   love, ~Bill H.

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